Rudy Giuliani: “Yeah, It’s a Muslim Ban”

Rudy Giuliani can’t keep his stupid mouth shut. The Trump cabal has been trying to act like their ban on Muslims entering the country (well, Muslims from countries where Trump has no businesses, anyway) is about the risk of terror attacks, and not just about bigotry. But in an interview with Fox News Channel, Giuliani gave away the game!

Watch the clip below:

Here’s the key quote, in case you missed it:


So they wanted to enshrine religious bigotry in US law, but they knew they couldn’t just come right out and do that. (Not yet, anyway.) So they made up a danger, based on nothing—because there haven’t been any terrorist attacks in the US by people from any of the affected countries—and got their religious bigotry validated.

Too bad Giuliani was so desperate to be on TV again, he let the secret out! And this guy is supposed to help the Trump criminal organization with security issues?

Share this story if you’re as disgusted as we are!


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