Angela Merkel Had to Teach Idiot Trump What the Geneva Convention Is!

German chancellor Angela Merkel had a phone call with ignorant, cowardly US President Donald Trump on Saturday—and when they talked about his Muslim ban, she actually had to explain to him how the Geneva Convention works!

The Guardian reports that Steffan Siebert, Merkel’s spokesman, said in an official statement, “The Geneva refugee convention requires the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds. All signatory states are obligated to do. The German government explained this policy in their call yesterday.”

Many people have argued that since Trump slithered into power, thanks to narrow Electoral College victories in three states, Merkel has effectively become the “leader of the free world.” That’s a title traditionally (if unofficially) bestowed upon the US President, but Trump’s ignorance, bigotry, corruption, and fear of stairs disqualify him from being a leader of anything, but maybe if Merkel and other leaders take turns tutoring him in the basics of governance, we might survive four years with him in charge!


Share this story if you’re as embarrassed by this clownish idiot as we are!


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