Foreign Leaders Can’t Trust Lying Trump!

After less than two weeks, it’s become obvious that Donald Trump needs to lie to himself just to get out of bed in the morning! His obsessive inflation of the size of his inaugural audience, and his ridiculous excuse that he lost the popular vote by a three-million-vote margin because illegal immigrants voted, prove it. He knows how hated he is (43% approval, 50% disapproval as of 1/29, according to Gallup), and it hurts his fragile feelings. Poor man-baby…

But all this lying has made him untrustworthy in the eyes of the foreign leaders he’s going to need to preserve the US’s status in the world. The New York Times reports that other countries don’t believe Trump can be counted on to honor the country’s commitments. A former British ambassador to the US told the paper, “if I can’t rely on you to get the small things right, how can I count on you to do so on things that really matter?”

Some leaders who’ve dealt directly with the idiot-in-chief have done their best to push him into behaving like a rational adult. On the phone with Trump, German chancellor Angela Merkel explained to him what the Geneva Convention is and why the US has to abide by it; British prime minister Theresa May, after literally holding the man-baby’s hand to help him overcome his fear of stairs and slopes, asked him to confirm that he supports NATO. (Trump said nothing.)

Ultimately, though, his constant lying proves that Trump is an untrustworthy partner in diplomacy and business—and sooner or later, other world leaders are going to start cutting the US out of deals because of it. As Eliot Cohen, a professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University, told the Times, “People can understand the tactical lie. What’s unnerving is the sense that when he lies, he actually believes it—the sense that he is fundamentally unmoored from reality.”


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