Corrupt Trump On the Run from Protesters!

Corrupt criminal Donald Trump knows the majority of the American people hate him. (His current approval rating is just 43%, while 51% disapprove of his ignorance, bigotry, and incompetence.) He’s less than two weeks into his occupation of the White House, and he’s already canceling appearances because of protesters!

The New York Times reports that the orange-skinned thug was supposed to make an appearance at a Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee this week. But the motorcycle manufacturer, for decades a proud symbol of American awesomeness, was afraid the American people might show up and express their disgust for their so-called “leader,” and the White House agreed—and canceled the visit!

This is great news for the majority who hate this thug and his repulsive crime family! If protesters keep the pressure on, Trump might find himself holed up in the White House (and his tasteless golden palace in New York) for four years, unable to travel anywhere without being greeted by angry mobs! Wouldn’t that be great?


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