40% of Americans Want Trump Impeached – After Only 2 Weeks!

Corrupt imbecile Donald Trump hasn’t even been President for two full weeks yet, and 40% of voters already want him impeached! 52% wish President Obama was still in the White House!

What did the orange man-baby do to piss off so many people? Public Policy Polling has a detailed breakdown, but it includes the following numbers:

• 65% of voters are opposed to a Muslim ban
• 55% of voters think the executive order was poorly handled
• 40% of voters have a negative opinion of Trump’s boss, the neo-Nazi Steve Bannon
• 62% of voters want to keep Obamacare and improve it, instead of repealing it

Trump is an ignorant idiot, though, so expect him to keep drilling down on these stupid, ill-conceived, unpopular policies, and ranting on Twitter about his enemies, real and imagined.


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