Trump Must Pay $6 Million to Golf Club Members He Scammed!

Now that he’s busy trying to start wars with Mexico and Australia, and killing US citizens in botched raids, it’s easy to forget about corrupt Donald Trump’s business scams! But the people suing him haven’t forgotten, and they’ve just scored a victory!

Politico reports that a federal judge has ordered Trump to refund almost $6 million to members of Trump National Jupiter Golf Club, whose refundable deposits he and his thugs confiscated after taking the place over in 2012.

US District Court Judge Kenneth Marra wrote in his decision, “The Court concludes that the Plan documents, as properly interpreted, were intended to provide club members of the resignation list with a continuing right to use the Club facilities until their membership was reissued to a new member, provided the club member was otherwise in good standing with the Club.”

Marra ordered the club to pay a total of $5.7 million in damages and interest.

Trump was not personally a defendant in the case, but he was deposed in the case, and his sociopathic son Eric was called to testify in open court about the scam.


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