Trump Killing US Tourism!

Corrupt, racist idiot Donald Trump told the idiots who voted for him that he was going to “Make America Great Again” as President. But by every conceivable measurement, the US is worse off after only a month of his incompetent rule! The latest sign of America’s decline under Trump comes from the tourism industry!

Frommers, one of the most respected names in the travel business, reports that since Trump seized power and instituted his bigoted, illegal Muslim band, foreign tourism has declined by almost seven percent! International internet searches for plane flights to the US are down by nearly 20%!

This is going to cost the US economy billions of dollars! Tourism creates jobs for hotels, restaurants, transportation, travel agencies, tour operators, and more. All those jobs will start to go away when people stop coming to the US—and as long as international travelers, coming from civilized countries with sane leaders, think they’re at risk of being slapped in handcuffs by customs agents when they arrive here, they’re not going to come!

Share this story if you’re as outraged as we are!


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