Paranoid Trump Installing Spies in Cabinet Offices!

Corrupt thug Donald Trump has taken more than just investment capital and campaign help from the Russians—now he’s adopting Soviet governmental strategies, too! According to the Washington Post, Trump has installed people whose title is “senior White House advisor” in every cabinet agency, and their entire job is to make sure the cabinet secretaries are demonstrating sufficient loyalty not to the US government or to the American people, but to him personally!

This is something none of Trump’s three predecessors—Obama, Bush, and Clinton—did; it’s basically unprecedented in democratic government! There are at least 16 of these Trump spies burrowed into the government, all reporting to White House deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn on a weekly conference call!

Cabinet secretaries have already been blindsided by Trump’s insane, ill-considered decisions; in January, Defense Secretary Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly didn’t know what was happening with the President’s anti-Muslim travel ban until after it happened! And now they’ve got to look over their shoulder to make sure Trump’s spies are happy, too!

Share this story if you’re as astonished by this insanity as we are!


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